01 November 2010

Its Time

Its time for me to stop planning a for a future that is not going to happen, to stop worrying about other people. Its time for me to concentrate on myself. I put everybody else and their needs before my own. I am no longer willing to do this. I want to come first for a change. I want to pursue my dreams, my bliss, whatever.

I am currently trying to save money for a deposit to attend The Matrona's midwifery intensive that starts here in Seattle, in January. I have one of my planned paycheck payments saved up already and now that I have a new job making more money, the other payments should be easy to save up for. The monthly payments should be interesting to budget in, but its going to be so worth it to finally be actively working toward my dream of becoming a midwife.

I am not going to let anything or anyone stop me from going after what I want out of this life. Basically, what it comes down to is....if people want to be a part of what *I* want for my future, then they can tag along. If they are going to hinder what I want in anyway, through their own stupidity or inability to make a decision, they can take a hike.

I'm done being nice. Its about ME now.

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