24 February 2009

I'm Going To Be Crazy Busy

I meant to post yesterday, except I was getting really good news! I will be sponsoring an ALACE Labor Assistant workshop this fall! I am so very excited about this and it took 4 months of emailing the director to get her to call me. She has been crazy swamped as well.

So now I have 6 months to find a location, promote the event, etc. I have never in my life done anything like this so I am a bit nervous. I might have a co-sponsor and am just waiting to here back on that aspect. Which could make things interesting and we could split things to play on our strengths.

On top of all that goes with putting together a workshop, I am moving onto the prepak of my midwifery school. I am waiting for it to arrive and that takes 2-4 weeks. Luckily, I got a list of assignments I can start while I am waiting for it to get here. I have some books I need to get and am so glad I won some money at the casino last Friday. I am going to need it.

I am definitely getting my wish to have these next several months to fly by! I am going to be so busy that I will not have time to worry about DH all the time. Or worry about much of anything other than the tasks at hand.

I am so excited to be this busy!

22 February 2009


Sundays are my "lazy day." Its also the day where I am completely bored out of my mind and really have nothing to do. I would be knitting right now if I had not spent about 2 hours knitting my nephew's scarf. My right arm is a little sore. I really need to remember to not always rest my right arm on the arm rest.

Today is also my cheat day for eating and boy did I cheat this morning with breakfast: 2 pieces of french toast, 2 pieces of bacon and one baby red potato cut up and fried in bacon grease with Johnny's Seasoning Salt. I did not eat all of the french toast or potato which I suppose is good. I keep thinking to myself "Holy carb load Batman!"

I am looking into joining a gym and actually called the place yesterday. Then, I realized that I called after the staff had left for the day. Its a 24 hour, 7 day a week, 365 days a year gym and is only staffed during certain hours, I was late by 30 minutes yesterday. At this point I am only investigating the gym because I do not know how much it costs and I am not sure if I have the courage to actually go. This is so far outside of my comfort zone and I am taking it one step at a time.

On Thursday I am gonna go meet up with a local gal I met online. Her fiancee is deployed as well and we both want someone to commiserate with. This is another thing that is so far outside of my comfort zone and I am very nervous about it. I am so not okay in social situations and am afraid of being a total freak. *sigh*

Here's hoping that I continue to make strides with my goals, in all aspects of my life.

18 February 2009

Six Months Down

Today is the sixth month mark since Hubby deployed. I am a bit more grouchy about it than I should be. Of course that could also be because I am sick and here I thought I was getting healthier lol.

I got to talk to Hubby for a few minutes this morning. I had literally just woken up so it was perfect timing on his part. We did not really talk about anything serious, he let me know that his Myspace was deleted because he had pictures of himself in Iraq and apparently Myspace thinks that is bad all of a sudden. I am a bit peeved about that because I write him little love notes in his comments section. He still has not made it to his new base and has no idea when the move will happen. He is a bit upset over it, he hates being in limbo and wants to get back to his job.

We still have no idea about when they are returning from this deployment. We keeps hearing rumors, but nothing concrete yet. I think it would really help my sanity to get some dates already. I miss him terribly and am just wanting to get on with our lives together.

I still have a good feeling about this year. I am definitely looking forward to it and next year as well. Things are going to keep getting better, I can feel it.

14 February 2009

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always hard on a deployment. I think its even harder today because Hubby is out of contact and I am not sure when I will hear from him again. Not to mention we have only spent 2 Valentine's Days together in four years. I guess that is a better record than him being home for my birthday's. He did not even have time to send off my Valentine's box before going into no contact.

At least he got the box I sent him in time. It was nothing special, kinda just thrown together at the last minute. He still liked it though so that is good. His next box will be full of junk food most likely. I will be trying to get him some healthier options eventually. I hate how he thrives on crap while over there. Once he is home that goes out the window lol.

I will most likely spend the day working out, reading, knitting, writing in my journal and writing a letter to Hubby. I know its not these are not the most exciting plans in the world, it will help to keep me busy though.

12 February 2009


Tomorrow my Mom and Dad are coming over. While my Mom comes over every Friday, my Dad hardly ever does because he is usually working. I am so excited to hang out with my Dad tomorrow and the best part is that I FINALLY get to take him to my favorite diner near the base. The second best part is him working on my car. Hopefully it just needs a jump cause I don't have money for anything major.

I am also going to hunt down Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. I need to finish off the Twilight series and I am gonna be totally bummed if the book store is out again. If they are, I will just order it online along with the medical terminology book I need to get.

Hubby is being moved to a new location so I can not send him letters until we get a new address. I am totally bummed because I don't think my Valentine's Day package made it there yet. I have no idea what will happen to the box now. I hope he gets it cause I made him cookies and put chocolate in there too. Not to mention some hygiene essentials for him.

This will all be over before we know it and pretty soon I will be posting about how Hubby is getting on my nerves being home all the time lol.

11 February 2009

Today Is A Good Day

Its been a hectic but, good day. The sun is shining, the skies are blue and I got to talk to Hubby twice today! The first time he called me I was in the shower and had just put shampoo in my hair, I had to tell him to call me back. I had to scramble to get the rest of my shower done so I could get dressed and answer the phone when he called again. It was so nice to talk to him and hear how much he missed me. He "pinky swore and sealed it with a kiss" to call me back this afternoon. He called again about a half hour ago and said "see, I promised I would call you back." *swoon* He proceeded again to be mushy and tell me how much he loved me. I guess he took to heart that I really needed him to be extra mushy right now since I am having a hard time.

I put a call into the power company this afternoon to see about getting an energy audit. There is no reason my power bill should be close to $200 each month with little old me here. I have the heat on a program and it stays at 65* for all but 5 hours of the day, where its at 68*. That's right as I am going to bed and for 1 hour while I wake up. I hardly run any lights and I have power strips on the tv, dvd/vcr player, stereo and printer. The DVR is not on the power strip because if I shut it off each night it has to reprogram. I learned that the hard way. Its $95 dollars for the audit and I had to call my landlord to get permission. She actually has to call the power company now to give them her permission. They will come out for three hours and crawl under the house, look outside and inside to evaluate what is going on. *Landlord just texted, its a go!*

On Friday I am going to pick up even more CFL bulbs and replace what I can, not sure if my recessed hall lights can take CFLs or not. What's even weirder is that it has been so sunny here that I have not needed to use the lights, so I am not getting what is going on with the power bill. Hopefully we can figure something out and our landlord will be willing to work with us on improving the energy efficiency of the house.

I hope the weather continues to be great through the weekend.

10 February 2009

Yesterday's Happenings & Thoughts From Today

I was absolutely outta my mind with hormones and depression. I was horrid to Hubby on the phone and after I hung up on him for the final time spent a few hours back in bed crying and napping. Luckily, after I worked out a few times and whined to my Mom I had calmed down enough to realize what an utter ass I had been.

Hubby called me today and I apologized a bunch. He said he understood and that next time it happens he will just keep his mouth shut and let me vent. He has a tendency to try and fix me when I get like that which sets me off even more than before. I am glad it only seems to happen once a month and I swear its worse when he is gone.

I have been instructed by Hubby to not only blog, but to start journal writing again as well. Apparently when I was doing both, I was doing much better at handling stress, hormones, etc. This of course means I will have to pick up a new journal this weekend as I am almost out of room in my current one. I guess its a good thing that I have a coupon to my favorite bookstore.

Oh! It started snowing again today *insert pissed off smiley here* Thank the Gods it did not stick or I was gonna be peeved. We have had enough snow on this side of the mountains. I am ready for Spring now! I want to get out into the garden and start growing some food.

In April I will be doing a three week detox/cleanse under the guidance of my Naturopath. It should be interesting as I have to cut out a bunch of stuff for three weeks. I might even have to go veggie only if I cannot afford organic meat. I think its going to be really interesting to see what happens to my body in those three weeks. I sometimes wonder if I have food sensitivity issues and I am curious to see if this will confirm it.

I am working on my next mini goal for weight loss: another ten pounds by April. I see this as totally doable, especially now that I am increasing my workouts and trying to move more around the house in between workouts. I am also increasing my water intake because I am noticing that I do not drink enough. My ND recommended that you drink half your body weight in water. For me that's basically 4 SIGG bottles a day, totally doable.

My main weight loss goal is still the same: 130 pounds by Hubby's homecoming. Though I have added an "I'll be okay with this weight goal" of 140 pounds. I figure if I am in between those two when Hubby comes home I will probably be fine with that too. I think the last time I was 140 pounds was when Hubby and I started dating almost 4 years ago, that is if the scale was correct. It will be very interesting to be back at that weight without being totally addicted to junk food, cigarettes and caffeine.

I really cannot weight to see what else my body does as I continue to loose weight.

08 February 2009

When Will This End!?

I am done. Just done. I want my husband home, I want to get back to our lives TOGETHER. I want this deployment to end. I am so fucking sick of being apart from my husband. We've been married three years and he has been home for nine months of our marriage. Aunt Flow is in town and I am just fucking over everything. Yes, I am probably going to curse a lot through this blog.

I am tired of being alone all the time. I am so frustrated right now that if my car was functioning I would probably actually leave the house. Despite the fact that I have no idea where anything is around here. Well, besides the casino and the store. Then, my fear of driving sends me into a panic attack like state and I realize I am stuck.

What would really help is having an actual end date. Thanks a lot Army for basically causing me to go insane and not ever letting me know when this thing will fucking end. Yeah, I guess giving me a freaking weeks notice last time was really nice of you. I WANT TO KNOW NOW! I honestly do not know how much more of this I can take. I need my husband. I need to be held by him, to be able to kiss him, to be able to make love to him and be able to talk to him.

I know I am really strong, but there is only so much I can take before I break and I guess almost six months gone is that point. It might help if I knew he was going to call today or not. I am guessing not because he is on a mission...again. So much for things slowing down for his unit.

04 February 2009

Busy Busy

I have been super busy the last few days with school work, family and being sick. I am plugging away at my school work and enjoying it thoroughly. Now if I could just get my cat to leave me alone while I am trying to study all would be super. She has this crazy sense of timing on wanting to cuddle with me and she has to be right in the way of what I am reading. Maybe when I get a proper computer chair it will be easier to have her in my lap while reading at the same time.

Hubby got back from his LONG mission today. Boy was that hard to go for so long without talking to him. One would think I should be used to going almost a week without talking to him but, I am not and don't think I ever will be. I was woken up this morning by a text message and as I was cursing whoever it was for texting at seven in the morning, I read the message:

"Wakey Wakey!! Hubby is online!"

I pretty much shot up and scrambled to get my laptop out from under the bed. We got to talk for a few hours on yahoo and see each other on web cam. It was really great and I miss him so much. This month marks six months done of the deployment. I think every month I am going to be shocked that its already been that long lol. Six months means that we are even closer to Hubby coming home, which we of course still don't know the date for that *sigh*

I finally got a start on my garden planning. I wrote down all the seeds I am going to buy. I have an idea for a compost bin thanks to Sabbath and I found these really cool Potato Bins:

I am going to be ordering this really cool package from Territorial Seeds and getting like 4 pounds of potatoes to grow. I am splitting it with my Mom, hopefully. My goal this year is to grow as much as I can of what we eat. Or rather, what I eat since it will be mostly me for the growing season. I think this will definitely help in the frugal and self-sufficiency departments. I am totally excited to see what happens this growing season.

01 February 2009


I am sick. Figures too, since this is usually the time of year I get my butt kicked by illness. I am increasing my intake of Sodium Ascorbate and trying to take it easy. Getting my workout in will depend on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I am hoping I can make it through the workout. I still have a bit to go before I hit my goal weight...I think. I will find out for sure how off I am from my goal come this Friday when I go see my absolutely wonderful Naturopath. I am going to say I weigh between 160-165 so as not to get my hopes up that I have lost a whole bunch cause let's face it muscle weighs more and I have definitely grown some muscle.

Hubby is out on a really long mission, though I did notice he had signed onto his Myspace today. I didn't know until I went to leave him a comment. I didn't get a message, email or phone call so I am a little bit hurt right now. It just hurts me to know that he got some time to have a break and didn't contact me at all.

Now that I think about it, I don't think Hubby has ever left me a Myspace comment. Is that sad? We've had them for almost four years now....yeah we were a bit late to the game lol. I guess it hurts the most because he hardly ever expresses in written form how he feels for me. I have received two letters this whole deployment and he sent them to me 3 months after he had written them. I am on number 156 to him. Oh well, I guess that just proves once again that we have different love languages. Its probably bothering me more because of PMS and being sick.

This month will mark 6 months of him being deployed. I was a bit shocked when I realized this the other day. My good friend and I were talking about it when I mentioned how long he was gone, even she commented that it seemed to be flying by. I am so happy that its flying by quickly! It just means that he will be home faster and we can get back to our lives together.

We have both challenged each other to a couple of things once he gets home and I am looking forward to whooping his butt!

Things are going to go awesome this year. I just know it and I will continue to manifest that as often as I can. Things just feel like they are going to be exciting. Yes, I know I have said that a gazillion times.