15 August 2009

Got Played

I let the ex-husband play me and boy did he do it well. I will NEVER let someone play me EVER again. Since Wednesday he let me think that I was getting through to him and that he MIGHT consider working it out. I pissed off his home-wrecking bitch and now we are definitely divorcing.

Just like his brother said, he's a piece of shit and will always be a piece of shit. The only person I feel sorry for is DSS, because EX is already abandoning him for his girlfriend and her son. That's just how EX is though, he could care less about anyone except for himself. I am just sorry that it took me this fucking long to realize it.

The good news is that once I sign the papers it will be over relatively quickly, like a week. I don't believe EX will be at the hearing since he will be in Nevada. Like I fucking care, he's such a fucking coward its not even funny.

I've finally found my strength and nobody is gonna fucking mess with it again. He brought me down SO low that up is the only way I can go. I know my life is going to be amazing from this point on. EX's will continue on the same pattern it has for the last like 15 years. He's not going to get anywhere and that's pretty sad.

Wow, so much has opened up for me lately. I don't know where to start with things. I am just going to take everything one day at a time, try to practice living in the now and all that jazz.

Things are going to be amazing and I had to get rid of that cancer first to realize it.

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