12 July 2011

Raising My Vibration: Day 2

Day 2. Write 10 minutes, finish this sentence. I am "believing" in ..... because I am brilliant." Write without censoring.

I am believing in myself, because I am brilliant. I know that may sound a little selfish to some, but I need to start believing in myself more. I believe that good changes are coming to my life, I can feel it. Now, I just need to let it happen. In order to let that happen, I need to believe in myself more, in my own power so to speak.

I am believing in love, because I am brilliant and know that above everything else, love is the most important thing. Love will be there after all the jobs, money, cars, homes, etc. Love is what makes the world go round. Love of family, love of a spouse, love for and from children, love of friends. Love from anybody.

I am believing in abundance, because I am brilliant. Like yesterday's entry shows, I am more abundant than I realize in those moments of crap, what else can the universe throw at me? I believe that if I focus more on my own abundance and show more appreciation for it, that I will attract even more abundance to myself.

It took me awhile to get this blog entry started, because I wasn't exactly sure how to start it. I'm pretty sure the "because I am brilliant" part was throwing me off my game and while this entry might not be as spectacular as the one from yesterday, I am okay with it. I'm not sure if I wrote for exactly ten minutes, but oh well. This works.

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