01 August 2011

Raising My Vibration: Day 5

Today's post will talk about my plan on how to encourage others tomorrow. I seem to be the most effective at encouraging others at work, Aaron tends to roll his eyes at me and give the "yea, sure babe" look.

This comes at a great time because I am just finishing up training our part time shift at work. Tomorrow is her first day doing it all alone, well for the actual closing part since I am off around 10:30pm and we close at midnight.

I basically just plan to build her up a bit more. She is actually quite good so far and I am very pleased with the progress that she has made in her 2ish weeks of working for the company.

One of my cashiers has been going through a rough patch, attitude wise, lately. Its very concerning because he's usually a very positive person and always trying to lend an ear to all of us who need to vent. I really need to start building him up more, encouraging him and giving him tasks that are different from his norm. I think once he gets a little more mature (he just turned 20), that he would make a great closing manager.

I am all about positive reinforcement. Nobody likes to hear all the time how much they suck and its not a very good motivator, in my opinion. I think by breathing a lot more positivity into the workplace, that the morale of the store will go up and that we won't have as many days where we all seem to just be blah.

I guess we will find out how all of this goes by the end of this little blogging experiment.

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