03 May 2009

Objects Appear Closer Than They Are

Yeah, I know that is not exactly how it is written on a car's side mirrors. The title explains how I feel about the end of this deployment. We are at eight and a half months of Hubby being gone. One would think that we could have at least the month of the homecoming. Unfortunately, no such luck. I know that this deployment will end soon, I just have no idea when exactly and quite frankly its starting to drive me insane.

Hubby is about to leave for a very long mission and he will not be able to contact me for it. This will be the longest we have ever gone without talking and we just went 2.5 weeks with only a few emails to each other. I most likely won't even get an email during this time. Honestly, I am terrified right now. I already have a small heart attack every time someone comes to the door when I am not expecting anyone. I can only imagine how hard this will be on me. One of the things that helps me get through this is being able to hear his voice.

At least after this mission we will be even closer to him coming home. Maybe after this mission we will finally get a better clue as to the homecoming dates? I am so anxious to have him home. I miss him terribly and all this good sunny weather is making it worse. I want to be out at the beach with him, gardening with him and playing outside with him.

I am going to do my best to keep myself completely distracted. It would go better if I had someone else living here with me. I mean, I don't make enough of a mess to be cleaning all the time. I even reorganized the DVD shelf the other day (its in alphabetical order) and I reorganized my midwifery/doula bookshelf too. I plan to go through our files later and empty out any obscenely old stuff into another container, just in case Hubby decides we need it.

I absolutely have to get out into the garden. My plans have changed again and I don't think I will be doing potatoes this year. I am just going to use some seeds I have had laying in my freezer for a couple of years. I hope they still germinate, I was told to put them in the freezer to preserve them. If not, I think there are some leftover seeds in the garage that Sabbath left behind. Speaking of Sabbath, YOU ROCK! I am so in awe of all the things you are doing in Iowa. *sniffle* I wish you still lived up here.

I just need to buy a few gardening things cause I have none. Then, I will get going on growing some of my own food. Le sigh, I wish I had more space.

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