05 May 2009


Things are beyond shitty right now. My husband sent me an email saying he wanted a divorce. He called shortly after asking for a password and would not talk with me. He said "I love you but, am not in love with you." He's coming home on R&R apparently, lied to me about it and is going to his home state. He's not even going to see his son. He has a myspace I didn't know about. He's refused to add me and as of today I am blocked from messaging or friend requesting him.

The Army won't do shit, in fact they were not even going to tell me where he was going on R&R. I am taking steps to protect myself financially.

At this point I have no idea what is going to happen because he refuses to talk to me. Not only will he be back in the states shortly for R&R, he will be done with this deployment in about 3.5 months.

I am asking anybody who reads my blog to please pray for us. I don't want to loose my husband, I don't want to be divorced after only 3 years of marriage. Something is wrong with my husband. His behavior lately has been down right scary. I am worried about him and myself.

Please keep us in your thoughts because we could use it.

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