21 June 2009

Happy Solstice!

It does not feel very summery today. In fact its raining right now and I hear some thunder. I did get outside for a few minutes, stood in the last of the sun and put my feet into the grass. It felt good even if I was distracted with "Auntie march!" commands from my nephew.

My nephew and I had a fun little nature lesson today: seeing a dead mole up close. We have no idea what exactly killed it, probably one of our cats. Its underneath the table on our back porch and my nephew is fascinated with it. He keeps asking people in the house "wanna see a dead animal?"

I think later tonight I am gonna light a candle, ground and center because I could use it. I have once again lost connection with my spirituality. I think there has just been too much emotional turmoil in the last month for me to focus.

Luckily I am basically on the other side of things and am working on moving on with my life. It helps to be surrounded by such great people.

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