27 October 2008

First Phone Call

I got my first phone call from Hubby since he left the country. It was absolutely wonderful to hear his voice after not hearing from him for 3 days. I cried when I heard his voice, I think I hid it pretty well though. I am probably going to be pretty weepy the first few times he calls me. I might get used to it after awhile.

I am finally having a great day today. The sun is shining, I worked out and I got some great news from Modoc County California about Hubby's child support arrears. We are almost done with them, and Hubby will have righted a very big wrong from his past. It feels so good to be finally completing steps on our six year plan. Well, its really a five year plan with us buying a house in the sixth year. This was one of our main obstacles and its really freaking good to have some hope.

These last couple of days have been really dark for me. I could not see a light at the end of the tunnel thanks to my depression and I feel like its lifting a bit right now. I still have to get through my Thermography appointment on Thursday before I will really feel like I am in the clear. I am highly paranoid that I do have breast cancer and I don't know what I will do if that turns out to be true. Please, light a candle for me. I could really use it. My grandmother died 9 months to the day before I was born.

Okay, now that I have gone all morbid on you guys. I am going to continue my positive outlook for today by finishing up the rest of my tasks on the to-do list.

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