26 October 2008

Things Are Tough Right Now

Like the title says, things are pretty tough for me right now. Hubby is finally in the sandbox and I haven't heard his voice since Friday afternoon. Somehow his phone works in Kuwait and we are able to text, sorta. We are having issues in our marriage right now and no he is not cheating. We just started fighting a lot recently and him finally leaving has probably made things worse.

I love him more than anything and cannot imagine my life without him. If I were to loose him to this war I would break into a million pieces. I just wish we could get past all the bullshit that other people are throwing at us and the bullshit we keep throwing at each other. I know things will get better once we get more into a routine with this deployment. Things will improve immensely once this deployment ends, they always do.

I think I always go mildly insane when Hubby is on deployments and I already feel like I am loosing my mind. I am hoping it passes soon and have called to try and get counseling while he is gone. I think talking to a professional will help. Hopefully the office I called will call back soon, if not I am going to call Military OneSource and see what they can do for me.

Onto something positive. I have taught myself how to knit! I have basically got a square right now and think I will just make a pot holder to begin with. I am having a bunch of fun and its very good at keeping me distracted, which is definitely a plus. Now if I could just have as much success with teaching myself to use my sewing machine.

I have a plan for how I am going to handle this deployment and I could really use support from everyone. This one is going to be very hard, I can feel it already. Please keep us in your thoughts and light a candle every once in awhile.

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