01 October 2008

No Calls, No Texts

Today is the first day since Hubby left that they have been on blackout. Its harder than I remember, not being able to talk to him at all. I guess its a good thing that I keep looking for ways to keep myself busy. Its also a good thing that the new Iron Man movie came out and I could waste two hours drooling over Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark. It was just the rest of the 22 hours in this day that I couldn't really figure out what to do.

I am hoping to meet up with a local knitting group next week, just have to work up the courage to actually go out and meet people. Its going to be pretty nerve wracking for me. I have never knitted before in my entire life, so I hope they don't mind someone without any knitting supplies or know-how showing up. I figure that's one night a week I have taken by some sort of distraction, now I just need some other hobbies to fill up the other days in the week.

Hubby and I have been having a lot of interesting conversations lately thanks to the state of the economy. We have been talking about what we will do if the shit hits the fan and what we can do to prepare for that event. Its been scary to think about all of this but, it feels good to have some sort of plan. I really hope that SHTF does not happen for a few more years and I hope that Hubby is home for it.

I think my Mom said it best "we are in for some scary times."

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