15 October 2008

Should Be Fun

Well, I finally got a call back from my Naturopath's office about my blood work. My Prolactin levels are normal, which means the breast issues I am having could be something more. My family has a huge issue with cancer in general and my Grandmother as well as most of my great Aunts died of Breast Cancer. It looks like I am going in for a check. My Mom said she could probably come up with the money to pay for a Thermograph, because 1) its not covered by insurance and 2) I really don't want to go through a mammogram.

My vitamin D is still low, I believe the other doctor that called me said something like 18.2 for the level. That totally sucks since I have been supplementing with 2k IU a day, on top of the amounts already in my Rainbow Light Prenatal, which I take 3 times a day. I was advised to increase my vitamin D supplement again. I take a lot of pills now lol.

I am just going to keep concentrating on getting healthy. I work out practically every day now to Tae Bo. I tend to take the weekends off so that I don't end up injuring myself, again. I am loosing weight, slowly but, I can already notice the difference in my appearance. Hopefully I can keep loosing.

Not sure if I mentioned this already but, I never did get a call back from Washington Mutual. I was not really expecting one either. Now I will be refocusing my efforts on promoting Earth Moon Birth Services and drawing in clients. I am planning on doing a little advertising blitz and sending out packets with some brochures along with business cards. Right now I can only think of one place to send a packet. I could really use some help in this area. I miss bouncing ideas off Sabbath.

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