10 February 2009

Yesterday's Happenings & Thoughts From Today

I was absolutely outta my mind with hormones and depression. I was horrid to Hubby on the phone and after I hung up on him for the final time spent a few hours back in bed crying and napping. Luckily, after I worked out a few times and whined to my Mom I had calmed down enough to realize what an utter ass I had been.

Hubby called me today and I apologized a bunch. He said he understood and that next time it happens he will just keep his mouth shut and let me vent. He has a tendency to try and fix me when I get like that which sets me off even more than before. I am glad it only seems to happen once a month and I swear its worse when he is gone.

I have been instructed by Hubby to not only blog, but to start journal writing again as well. Apparently when I was doing both, I was doing much better at handling stress, hormones, etc. This of course means I will have to pick up a new journal this weekend as I am almost out of room in my current one. I guess its a good thing that I have a coupon to my favorite bookstore.

Oh! It started snowing again today *insert pissed off smiley here* Thank the Gods it did not stick or I was gonna be peeved. We have had enough snow on this side of the mountains. I am ready for Spring now! I want to get out into the garden and start growing some food.

In April I will be doing a three week detox/cleanse under the guidance of my Naturopath. It should be interesting as I have to cut out a bunch of stuff for three weeks. I might even have to go veggie only if I cannot afford organic meat. I think its going to be really interesting to see what happens to my body in those three weeks. I sometimes wonder if I have food sensitivity issues and I am curious to see if this will confirm it.

I am working on my next mini goal for weight loss: another ten pounds by April. I see this as totally doable, especially now that I am increasing my workouts and trying to move more around the house in between workouts. I am also increasing my water intake because I am noticing that I do not drink enough. My ND recommended that you drink half your body weight in water. For me that's basically 4 SIGG bottles a day, totally doable.

My main weight loss goal is still the same: 130 pounds by Hubby's homecoming. Though I have added an "I'll be okay with this weight goal" of 140 pounds. I figure if I am in between those two when Hubby comes home I will probably be fine with that too. I think the last time I was 140 pounds was when Hubby and I started dating almost 4 years ago, that is if the scale was correct. It will be very interesting to be back at that weight without being totally addicted to junk food, cigarettes and caffeine.

I really cannot weight to see what else my body does as I continue to loose weight.

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