12 February 2009


Tomorrow my Mom and Dad are coming over. While my Mom comes over every Friday, my Dad hardly ever does because he is usually working. I am so excited to hang out with my Dad tomorrow and the best part is that I FINALLY get to take him to my favorite diner near the base. The second best part is him working on my car. Hopefully it just needs a jump cause I don't have money for anything major.

I am also going to hunt down Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. I need to finish off the Twilight series and I am gonna be totally bummed if the book store is out again. If they are, I will just order it online along with the medical terminology book I need to get.

Hubby is being moved to a new location so I can not send him letters until we get a new address. I am totally bummed because I don't think my Valentine's Day package made it there yet. I have no idea what will happen to the box now. I hope he gets it cause I made him cookies and put chocolate in there too. Not to mention some hygiene essentials for him.

This will all be over before we know it and pretty soon I will be posting about how Hubby is getting on my nerves being home all the time lol.

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