11 February 2009

Today Is A Good Day

Its been a hectic but, good day. The sun is shining, the skies are blue and I got to talk to Hubby twice today! The first time he called me I was in the shower and had just put shampoo in my hair, I had to tell him to call me back. I had to scramble to get the rest of my shower done so I could get dressed and answer the phone when he called again. It was so nice to talk to him and hear how much he missed me. He "pinky swore and sealed it with a kiss" to call me back this afternoon. He called again about a half hour ago and said "see, I promised I would call you back." *swoon* He proceeded again to be mushy and tell me how much he loved me. I guess he took to heart that I really needed him to be extra mushy right now since I am having a hard time.

I put a call into the power company this afternoon to see about getting an energy audit. There is no reason my power bill should be close to $200 each month with little old me here. I have the heat on a program and it stays at 65* for all but 5 hours of the day, where its at 68*. That's right as I am going to bed and for 1 hour while I wake up. I hardly run any lights and I have power strips on the tv, dvd/vcr player, stereo and printer. The DVR is not on the power strip because if I shut it off each night it has to reprogram. I learned that the hard way. Its $95 dollars for the audit and I had to call my landlord to get permission. She actually has to call the power company now to give them her permission. They will come out for three hours and crawl under the house, look outside and inside to evaluate what is going on. *Landlord just texted, its a go!*

On Friday I am going to pick up even more CFL bulbs and replace what I can, not sure if my recessed hall lights can take CFLs or not. What's even weirder is that it has been so sunny here that I have not needed to use the lights, so I am not getting what is going on with the power bill. Hopefully we can figure something out and our landlord will be willing to work with us on improving the energy efficiency of the house.

I hope the weather continues to be great through the weekend.

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