01 February 2009


I am sick. Figures too, since this is usually the time of year I get my butt kicked by illness. I am increasing my intake of Sodium Ascorbate and trying to take it easy. Getting my workout in will depend on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I am hoping I can make it through the workout. I still have a bit to go before I hit my goal weight...I think. I will find out for sure how off I am from my goal come this Friday when I go see my absolutely wonderful Naturopath. I am going to say I weigh between 160-165 so as not to get my hopes up that I have lost a whole bunch cause let's face it muscle weighs more and I have definitely grown some muscle.

Hubby is out on a really long mission, though I did notice he had signed onto his Myspace today. I didn't know until I went to leave him a comment. I didn't get a message, email or phone call so I am a little bit hurt right now. It just hurts me to know that he got some time to have a break and didn't contact me at all.

Now that I think about it, I don't think Hubby has ever left me a Myspace comment. Is that sad? We've had them for almost four years now....yeah we were a bit late to the game lol. I guess it hurts the most because he hardly ever expresses in written form how he feels for me. I have received two letters this whole deployment and he sent them to me 3 months after he had written them. I am on number 156 to him. Oh well, I guess that just proves once again that we have different love languages. Its probably bothering me more because of PMS and being sick.

This month will mark 6 months of him being deployed. I was a bit shocked when I realized this the other day. My good friend and I were talking about it when I mentioned how long he was gone, even she commented that it seemed to be flying by. I am so happy that its flying by quickly! It just means that he will be home faster and we can get back to our lives together.

We have both challenged each other to a couple of things once he gets home and I am looking forward to whooping his butt!

Things are going to go awesome this year. I just know it and I will continue to manifest that as often as I can. Things just feel like they are going to be exciting. Yes, I know I have said that a gazillion times.

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