18 October 2008

A Little Late

I missed MDC's Pagan Summer Camp this year, so I am doing it now. It is so much fun and a lovely time consumer. It also helps to distract me from Hubby being gone and getting ready to hit the sandbox finally.

The first week was creating a Pagan Home Management Binder. Basically a home management binder that is infused with a person's personal Pagan path. Mine does not look very pagan-y, it looks more like a basic home management binder so far. I plan on adding blessings, spells and such throughout the binder. Each page I have right now is basically the divider telling what section is what, I plan to add more as the camp goes along. Here is what I have so far:

This is the cover page.
Hubby named our house "Passion House"

This is obviously the Kitchen Page.
I colored in the bottom page.
Its from Pooka's Pages.

The Garden Page

The Crafting Page

The Dreams/Goals Page

The Finances Page
Its actually the second page in the binder, but I made it last.

I am having so much fun and can't wait to continue the camp.

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Tammi said...

I'm CheapPearls on MDC btw. :)

Looks good! I blogged about mine too. :D I was semi obsessed with getting it at least functional. Now I'm slowing down and adding more personal touches.