27 September 2008

Well, This Is A First

My landlord just called me, even though she meant to text me. Apparently, there was a drive-by last night and even more worrisome is the fact that I slept through it. Yeah, that's real safe. My happy mood was just killed too. Earlier today I was texting Hubby and I said "Let's stay here for at least two years, instead of moving." Now I don't feel like this is going to be a safe place. I guess I will have to see how many more drive-bys there are to really judge.

I would just like the universe to stop playing this joke on me, why can't I pick a safe place to live? Oh and why does this type of crap always have to happen when Hubby is deployed or otherwise unavailable? I am pretty sure this is the universe's way of testing my resolve to be less of a pessimist. I guess I could go meditate on buying our land and building our own home. Or better yet, I could go draw some floor plans again, that's always fun and still meditative.

I might also go sign up for seed catalogs, so that this winter I can dream up what I am going to do in the garden.
I need to go dig through boxes to see if I have any old seed catalogs left to see which companies I have looked at in the past. The only companies I can remember right now are Seeds of Change and the Seed Savers Exchange. My goal is to grow a bunch of my own food in those lovely garden boxes that I have. I also have the perfect area in mind for herbs of the culinary and magical persuasion. I hope to pick out some rather pretty flowers as well.

Guess I should go dream about owning my own land, where I don't have to worry about whether or not I'll get shot at.

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