24 July 2008

Good News, Bad News

Hubby starts off a conversation today with that, my heart drops. I am always expecting the worst, I should no better with him. I tell him to give me the bad news first, "I am not part of the advance team to the MOB station anymore." Um okay, what's the good news? "I get to be home with you for an extra day!" If this is the worst bad new, good news scenario I have to deal with the entire deployment, I think I will be good to go.

While I was looking forward to him starting his active duty orders a day sooner, I think the trade-off of having him home an extra day is worth it. We are trying to go camping so that we can have a nice sky to watch the Perseids Meteor Shower the 11-13th of August. I am really hoping it happens because, I would love to spend some very quiet alone time with Hubby.

We are both hoping he is part of the advance team to Kuwait though. Even his 1SGT (first sargent) is pushing for it. It looks really good on his record if he can volunteer and looks even better if he gets to go. Its really important that he keeps these things up, it helps his chances of being promoted to SGT. Which we could REALLY use, because he earns $200 more in basic pay and another $100 more in housing money.

Our goals this deployment are pretty much the same as always, save, save, save and keep debt free. We have 2 things left to pay off, one is all his, and then we should be set. Our plan is to have it all paid off in the next 5 years, sooner if things start going according to plan.

One of the things that might through this all for a loop is my car. Its not doing well, at all. Its 24 years old, has about 170k miles on it and Honda has stopped making some of the parts for it. Its probably going to kick the bucket soon. If it could just last through this whole deployment, then I will probably have enough saved up for a very large down payment or a payment in full for a newer car.

I have a really good feeling about this deployment. I am still nervous as hell and will probably be convinced bad things are going to happen but, I have faith that we will get closer to, if not achieve a bunch of our goals this next deployment.

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