11 July 2008


Is the day I officially have been dreading. Its the day that I say goodbye to my husband, the official start date of the deployment. He maybe gets to come home for 8 days before heading out to the MOB station but, this being the Army, I somehow doubt that I am that lucky. I know a lot of wives right now are going through the same things, its not easy being us and I don't say that to mean that we are some how more special, yk? I say that because, what we are going through is a very unique experience. Its something that few people could understand, some don't understand even after extensive explaining.

I am sitting here right now, watching my dearest husband pack the last few things he needs. These are the things he needs to get to right away, like his hygiene kit, his Kevlar, his IPOD. He will tell you his IPOD is essential, keeps him awake and sane. Its sorta like watching a train wreck, you know its happening but, you don't want it to and you can't take your eyes away.

I know I will get through this, I have been there done that. The only thing I don't know is how many more of these my family will have to endure. Its all part of being a military family but, maybe one day I can experience being a military spouse during a time of peace.

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