18 July 2008


I went and saw the midnight showing of The Dark Knight last night and wow, the movie and Heath Ledger's performance as Joker blew me away. The whole experience was awesome, people were dressed up in costumes and everybody was just really excited.

Hubby was a little jealous but, he wanted me to go see it to get out of the house and to tell him if the hype surrounding the movie was correct. I am hoping we can go see it during his block leave before MOBing to Wisconsin.

In a phone conversation earlier this week Hubby told me that he is now part of the advance team to Wisconsin and most likely to Iraq as well. While it sucks that he has to leave a day earlier, it will be nice for him to start Active Duty sooner. Being back on National Guard duty and pay schedule has pretty much sucked. Its not fun for anybody to loose almost $400 in income for 1 paycheck.

Some talk has been going around about promoting him to SGT while on this deployment. Its about time they gave it to him, they should have gone ahead and given it to him while he was in Iraq last time. I guess 2 promotions in a year was just too much for his last unit. It has been said repeatedly by his superiors and coworkers that Hubby goes above and beyond in whatever task is given to him. I've got enough awards paperwork to prove it too lol.

The promotion would of course mean a raise in pay, not much but every little bit helps. I really hope that the promote him within the first couple of months of being there. He really deserves it.

In Doula news, I have my first potential client meeting on Monday. The Mom is due very soon, August 5th is her EDD. Her husband is currently deployed to Iraq with the Marine Corps. Her call caught me totally off guard because I wasn't expecting to get a hit off this particular directory. I must have sounded like a complete moron on the phone, it probably didn't help that I just woke up about 30 minutes prior.

If she hires me, I plan to use part of the money to get my website started and FINALLY pay De for the Girl Scout cookies she has been holding for me for months now. It will also go towards gas money, which probably won't get me very far. Damn the gas companies for gouging us so badly.

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