14 July 2008

Guess I Have To Get Used To This Again....

Hubby called me last night and talked to me briefly cause he had to go. At the end of the conversation, he said he would call me right back. He still hasn't called. I have called him today and left a couple of messages cause his phone is off. I needed to inform him of a couple of things that are happening here at home, nothing serious. I also just wanted to say "I love you." He of course has not been able to call me back. I forgot that this was something I had to get used to again. Especially, when he is here in the state! That is the hard part, him being here in the state.

As I have been writing this, guess who called and is on the phone? He is so sweet "hey, my beautiful goddess, how are you today?" My husband is the greatest, at times lol. He is telling me about his day so far and what he has been doing. I can't tell you what he is telling me though, that would violate OPSEC ;) You can google that, cause I am too lazy to post the link.

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