22 July 2008

Scary Things

Yesterday was full of scary things. Hubby called me and apologized for not calling the night before. He explained that he was doing night fire and while he was shooting the 50 Cal, it backfired on him essentially. He fell from the turret into the humvee, tried to pull himself back up and fell again. As he was crawling with his arms to the door, because he could not feel his legs, he was pulled out by a medic. He immediately noticed his legs bleeding and began screaming he saw blood. He was airlifted from YTC to Yakima Memorial Hospital where they had to put him under to remove the shrapnel from his legs.

During all of this he went into shock three separate times because all he could think about was me and our future children. About 15 minutes after the backfire Hubby read a text message I had sent him earlier saying "I love you so much and can't imagine what my life would be like without you in it." He told me that he began basically bawling after that.

If a certain piece hadn't been in place when Hubby fired, he would not be alive. The Gods were protecting him for me yet again and I cannot thank them enough. He's lucky the blast wasn't worse or higher up, he might have lost some vital things. Right now he has basically a lot of sand-like shrapnel in his legs and his body has to expel them naturally. His legs are mighty swollen and he is a lot of pain but, the important thing is he is alive.

After a morning full of that my sister and her DBF got into it so bad that my sister forgot to keep her dog in the room and our dogs went at it. It took four guys throwing punches to get her pit bull off my dog's throat. I don't know which dog started it but, as usual my dog was blamed. Jax has never had an aggressive bone in his body until her UNFIXED pit basically hit puberty. My dog now has a hole right where part of his ear attaches to his head. He has so much fur that I can't see if there is more damage to his neck. My Mom shaved half of him last night and he looks horrible! I will have to take pictures later cause its just shameful how horrible he looks.

Basically yesterday was a horribly emotional day and I spent most of it crying. I am hoping things calm down in the coming months and I hope they calm even more when I move.

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