27 July 2008

I Can't Wait

You probably wouldn't know it but, I am a very impatient person. Funny how I fell in love with someone in the Army. I guess the universe thought this was a good way to teach me patience. Its a hard lesson cause these are long times I have to wait.

Anyway, in about 10 days Hubby gets to come home on block leave before heading to the MOB station to do mission specific training. While he is home we are probably gonna head out to go camping. We are thinking of heading here http://www.parks.wa.gov/parkpage.asp?selectedpark=Schafer&pageno=1

Its near the area that I am hoping we can buy land one day so, I think it would be great to go camping out there. We get to take Jax with us, which should be interesting because its been over 3 years since we've gone camping. I know one of the things we need to do before we go is get the dog a longer leash. The one we have now is a borrowed one and its too short for such a big dog. We are lucky that he goes into the car pretty well and rarely moves around other than to change position, otherwise it would be an interesting ride.

On Sunday the 10th, I am hoping to attend a service here: gaiastemple.org
I am hoping to find a place to go every once in awhile that resonates with me spiritually. I can do a lot of things at home but, I tend to long for the community events as well. I always seem to have trouble finding non crazy like minded people when I search on the internet, maybe its one of those like attracts like things? Who knows.

I am sure the time will go by fast, just like it always does. At least I know we will get to have a good time and that we will be able to spend it mostly alone together.

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