08 July 2008


Hubby only has a couple of days left before he leaves and what happens? A freaking crisis with one of his underlings, well crisis in military terms. His underling's current unit is trying not to release him for the deployment and of course, Hubby has to go in to the armory on his day off to talk to people about the bullshit and try to get it straightened out.

I think it should be law that if a soldier only has a few days left with his family, DO NOT CALL HIM! At least he cleaned the kitchen and started laundry today! How I will miss that, I hate having to do laundry. Of course, it might be easier with him gone. I will definitely have less laundry to do lol.

When we go to drop him off on Saturday, I am going to do a day in the life pictures thing for a board I am on. I think it will be really touching to see what its like for us Army Wives to say goodbye. I know he will only be gone for 28 days, then home for like 5 before Iraq but, its still technically the start of the deployment. I will definitely post the pictures here too! I will do another DITL when we drop him off for MOB, which will probably be August 18 or earlier. He better not have to report on my nephew's birthday or I am gonna kick some Army Ass!

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