31 July 2008

An Article About Hubby's Accident

Here Is A Copy Of The Article Hubby's Unit Did On His Accident:

Combined Arms Teamwork Saves Soldier’s Life Mortar Platoon, Echo Company Go ’Live’ with Warrior Tasks

Soldiers from the Mortar Platoon and
Echo Company, got some real life application
of several Warrior Tasks on the
.50 cal qualification range this week.

The first round down range exploded
in a weapon sending shrapnel inside a
HMMWV and into the legs of SPC
Miller. As Miller slumped inside, CPL
Truman realized something
was wrong.

“I heard the round go off and saw him
drop to his knees and wasn’t sure what
happened, but knew it wasn’t right,”
said Truman. CPL Shults was
near by and the two mortar NCOs immediately
executed the first of the Warrior
Tasks for the day, Evaluate a Casualty.

“It went just like we rehearse and
practice in training,” said Shults.
As he and Truman started treatment,
1LT Newell, the Mortar Platoon
Leader, drafted and called in the 9-line
medevac request; two more tasks.

PFC Nielsen, a combat
engineer, kept Miller calm through the
ordeal. “It was a messed [sic] up situa-
tion,” Nielsen said, but he also said that
the teamwork made it turn out well.

At the center of that team was SPC
Millsap, an engineer and civilian
EMT from E Co, who took over treatment.
“Everyone was great. There was
no rank . . . everyone just did what
needed to be done,” said Millsap.
As treatment continued, mortarmen
SSG Pellegrino and Truman set up
the landing zone for the medevac pilots,
yet another task.

Miller said he was glad to provide the
opportunity to complete so many PTAT
required tasks, but declined to act as a
training aid for future training events.

SGT Pellegrino is the SGT some of you have heard me complain about, a lot. I may not like him most days but I am forever grateful that he was there when Hubby got hurt. Hubby told him not to call me about the accident and he apologized for actually listening to him because he found out how angry I was about no phone call.

Hubby continues to brush this accident off like it is no big deal here are some pictures to show how big of a deal it really was:

All Those Specks You See Are The Tinier Pieces Of Brass Shrapnel That Went Into His Legs

The White Is The Damage The Explosion Caused
Notice The Paint Chipped On The Tube Looking Thing

Hubby On The Stretcher
Hubby Being Med Evac-ed

The Damage To His Legs, Several Days Later.
I apologize for the crotch shot, only way to see it all.

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Robin said...

Holy shit, thank the Universe he's okay!! *big hugs*

I'm sorry I keep forgetting to read. :x I put all the blogs I like into Google reader, but it can't do yours since it's private. So I forget. :o

I think the blog is a great idea though. Make sure to download it occasionally so you can save it though! I wrote on Open Diary during James's deployment (and my pregnancy for that matter) and all those entries were lost because I didn't back them up. :( I wish I still had all that!