01 August 2008

Gotta Love The Army

Today in the mail Hubby received a statement from our heath insurance, Tricare. It was an explaination of benefits/bill for his x-rays regarding his accident with the 50 Cal at AT. They are trying to charge him $20! Okay, that's not a lot but, still. This was something that occurred while in the line of duty, isn't there some freaking rule that kinda shit should be completely covered?

They won't talk to me cause of HIPPA despite having power of attorney. I need to remind Hubby to fill out one of their authorization forms, so that if this happens again I can deal with it. We have to wait for him to come home from AT before we can deal with it. Its just freaking ridiculous.

The good news is that Hubby is coming home in about a week! I am so freaking excited to go camping with him. This will be our first camping trip together. We've only been together for 3.5 years now lol. Its about damned time. I am so looking forward to getting away from the craziness of trying to get my parents house to sell. Its just too much stress and I am getting no help. Its not even my house!

The other good news is that I officially have one month left until I move. Its going to be so nice to have my own space again. To have things the way I want them and not have some crazy ass sister dictate how I run things. I can't wait until the spring, cause my Mom is gonna help me make an awesome garden. I think we may plant some bulbs this fall so that they will be ready come spring time.

I promise to post pictures of our new place once I get most of our stuff situated. I have no idea how I am going to do things and there is always the concern of whether or not Hubby will like how I've set things up. Oh well, things can always be changed around later.

I have so many things to look forward to, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

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