24 August 2008

About That Packing

I ran out of packing tape on the second or third box of the day. I guess the activity I was hoping to use to keep myself busy for the next week is over. I am grateful that payday is on Thursday for us USAA'ers. I don't have much more to pack, its just that I was hoping to use it as a distraction for the next week since Hubby is out in the field.

He's been gone 6 days now and already they are out training. Usually it takes a couple of weeks, but they cut their MOB time down to 52 days instead of the typical 90 days. That moves their training schedule into high tempo. Which I guess is a good thing, it means he will get over there sooner and Goddess willing be home sooner. They are not supposed to be gone as long for this deployment.

I go to sign the lease with the landlord very early on Friday morning, 7:45am. Which means I have to get up about 5am to shower and get ready in time to beat traffic out there. I am hoping to have the courage to drive out there. I doubt my Mom will let me though, she hates it when other people drive Especially her children, which is funny because she taught us all how to drive. I should record her in the passenger seat sometime, always trying to slam down the break she doesn't have. Even when we are like 5 car lengths away.

I am hoping to start moving in that day or the next. I need to get the hell out of this house. Honestly, it was a huge mistake to move in here. It just was not a safe situation for us at the old apartment, definitely not family friendly. This duplex is a great opportunity for us. My friend and mentor Sabbath currently lives there and is moving to Iowa :( She set up some pretty cool garden boxes that I plan to exploit, as well as other garden patches.

I have so much to do when I move in though. I am looking forward to certain aspects and dreading others. I guess that's just life and I will find a way to deal with it.

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