20 August 2008

I Miss.....

Hubby and Bonus Son, obviously

Old Friends, like Angie, Judy, Danny, and some days Richard and Mary Jo or just having IRL friends

Going to Shilshole (Golden Gardens)

Movies every Friday with My Mom or Friends

Going Bowling


Loosing to Hubby in Yahtzee, I swear the dice are loaded!

Sometimes, I miss smoking.

I miss school...but not often

Being independent

Being outgoing

Not being bitter over things and people I can't control

Being the weight I was when I met Hubby

Saying fuck it and not doing anything responsible

My Dog

The person my Dad used to be before he got hurt and started drinking

Camping a bunch in summer

Horseback riding, goddess how I miss this.

Cooking from scratch


Reading about silly things like vampires, werewolves, witches, etc, all. the. time.


The sister I had before she started hating me

The sister I had before dudes came first

Mom, before Gambling and money problems

Not being afraid of what people think


Feeling smart

Feeling Pretty

Not feeling like my values, ideal, hopes, thoughts and dreams are "weird, crazy, going to kill my kids, going to kill other kids, etc"

Having my own house, without roommates

Hanging clothes on a line to dry

Growing my own veggies



My Grandpa, he was my rock.

Being The Person I Am Meant To Be.

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