18 August 2008

Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

My Mom and I dropped Hubby off at Camp Murray at 4 am this morning. While I have BTDT, it never gets any easier to say goodbye. You have all these fears running through your head, as well as prayers. Prayers to the Goddess that she protects and returns your soldier with all his pieces, alive. These will be prayers I repeat over and over again for the next 394 days.

Hubby was trying to be cute "one day closer to being home with you." He forgets that there is still 394 left on his orders. I guess it is his way of helping us stay positive and I am grateful for it. Hubby's positivity never ceases to amaze me and I bet my pessimism never ceases to amaze him lol. Staying positive is really hard for me to do in the location I am at. It will all change when I move in about 2 weeks, well realistically after I unpack.

I wrote the first letter of this deployment today. I can't send it until payday when I can go to the post office and buy a 100 roll of stamps. That roll should last me about 3 months if I am lucky and only mail letters to Hubby. He is gonna have a big stack of letters come the 1st of September. I hope they arrive during some downtime or he is gonna have a hard time reading them.

I also received some good news today! I got a call from my naturopathic doctor in regards to my repeat 6 month pap smear. Now, before I give the good news the results may be skewed because Hubby and I had made love within 24 hours of the pap. Basically, it appears that my HPV is either gone or dormant and my cervical changes have gone down from low grade to changes of unknown significance. I am really hoping that these are the results and that having intercourse didn't make those changes and I won't have my hopes dashed. The plan is to have another pap smear in October.

I am operating on a little less than five hours of sleep so, I am going to hopefully go to bed now.

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