21 August 2008


Just found out that Hubby goes out to the field for a week starting Saturday, meaning no phone calls for a week. I didn't think this would start so soon. I guess I better find some things to keep myself busy for the next week. I can only pack certain things right now, so that is not going to help completely.

I should be getting a new book tomorrow, so that should take care of, oh 12 hours...if that. I guess I could work on writing a proposal to hold a Doula workshop up here, instead of trying to come up with money I don't have to fly to VA. Which I really wanted to so I could meet De.

I need to call Joann Fabrics in the town over and see when their September sewing 101 class starts. I want to finally learn how to sew on my machine(s) and start creating stuff. Maybe if I am really good, I could open an Etsy shop for extra income lol!

I need to call other places too just have to figure out if they offer some of the things I want to do.

So much to do, so little time.

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