05 August 2008

A Blog From The Parents

I was supposed to babysit my nephew today. His Dad decided not to go out after all, probably cause the boy child is sick. He's got a bit of a fever, 99.9 and is not eating. I think all he has had since we have been together is a bite of rice and the insides of a double stufffed oreo. I am sure its just a bug and his fever will help him work it out of his system.

Hubby comes home in the next two days, they would not put him on the convoy. They said he is needed there, so he is coming home on the bus on Thursday. Oh well, it does not bother me much cause he is still coming home. I will admit that I had my hopes up for a few moments there but, I am used to having them crushed by the army.

Things are going much better today. I am much less cranky/depressed today. I think its cause I got out of the house and into the sun. I forget how much Vitamin D deficiency affects my moods. Since I ran out of the supplement version, I need to remember to get out in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day. I am gonna go pick up all the supplements I need on Friday probably. I need to get back on them, they really help my health.

I know that my moods and health will get better once I am no longer with my family. Living with them just stresses me out to the point that I am physically ill. I don't know why I keep coming back to living with them, its just too much for my part of the family. Hopefully we will be at the duplex for awhile. I think this is the longest lease we have ever signed, so its gonna be nice to not have to move.

I am really looking forward to decorating and all that jazz. Its gonna be both a good thing and a bad thing living so closely to Ikea. Its like an obsession for me. I know we are planning on going there Friday. I better leave my debit card at home!

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