12 August 2008

I Got A Website!!!

After days of waiting for the hosting company to fix its WYSIWYG editor, I was finally able to make Earth Moon Birth Services a website! Here it is: http://www.earthmoonbirthservices.xf-s.com/

It was fairly easy, the only problems I had were the usual typos from me being nervous and typing to fast. I am pretty proud of it, mostly because I did it myself. I originally had notes somewhere on what I wanted to write down and such but I lost them. They are probably in a box or drawer somewhere in this house.

Onto other news, Hubby and I had to come back from our trip early. Basically we ended up staying at a family friends farm overnight. The Army decided to put him on orders for the 10 days he has home, which is okay and not okay. It means he hopefully gets paid again before the 1st, if not they better freaking promote his ass cause I would have liked to spend more time with my hubby.

We will be sitting down in the next few days to make a rough draft of our deployment budget. We have done this several times before but, I keep loosing it and having one makes me feel so much better.

I am going to do another DITL on Monday when Hubby leaves. Oh shoot! I might not be able to since I can't get my freaking camera until around my birthday. Ugh, I am so sad now. I really wanted to do that. I might still be able to, I will find a way. I could always use my Dad's camera.

Monday is going to be a very hard day and I am going to need lots of support. Since I doubt I will get much from my family, if you guys who read my blog could send me a text or something I would appreciate it.

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