23 August 2008


Every Army wife knows the bane of packing, probably more than other people do. The funny thing is, one of the perks of the National Guard is that you are not supposed to move around a bunch. HA! Who were they kidding? I guess its good that we are just moving around the same state and usually around the same area but, why, oh why do I have to be cursed with this DURING deployments?

That about sums it up right there. Don't you think? Part of me thinks its a good thing that these happen while Hubby is gone because I can purge some of the crap we don't need anymore. Or things that are not in line with our family's values like the scores of plastic Tupperware, that are most likely leaching nasty chemicals into our food. Thank the Goddess Ikea will be close lol. I will start replacing them with glass soon.

Anyway, tangent over. The other part of me wishes that we would only move when he is home, or not move at all. I hate packing and unpacking, its annoying. Also, let's face it, I have the decorating panache of a flea. I guess I will have to employ friends and a sister to help with that one.

Once I move, I am going to be mapquesting like crazy to find my way around. The driving part is what scares me the most, damn stupid phobia of mine. I am hoping I will know more about the area than Hubby by the time he comes home. Doubtful, but I can hope.

Back to packing I go....

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