29 August 2008


I am finally moving sometime this weekend! I just need to coordinate everything with my Dad and Grandpa because they have trucks lol. I am so freaking excited to get the hell out of here, its going to be amazing living on my own again. I can't wait to start unpacking, even though I really have no idea where things are going to go at this point. I know where the bedroom furniture is going to go and that is about it.

I need to give huge thanks to Sabbath for leaving various stuff at the house, including a covered litterbox! I was about to buy one and they are about $20 for a size that my cat can get into. She likes to flick kitty litter EVERYWHERE and this will really help keep the mess that I have to clean to a certain area. Oh and the clothesline will help too! I have one that I wanted to set up outside but, since she left one in the garage/laundry room this will be great during the winter! Thanks for the food stuffs too!

I need to swing by Ikea eventually and check out kitchen storage stuffs. I don't have a lot of counter space compared to what I have now and I would like to find a way to save space. I was thinking that instead of having a knife block, that I should get one of those magnetic knife strip things. I am sure there is a technical name for it. I also want to get spice containers that can go on the same kind of strip, I think that would save on cupboard space. I believe the Container Store has those and I can order them online if I decide to purchase them.

My Mom is already drooling over helping me plan a garden. She almost started working the boxes today, it was kinda funny. We spotted a Jasmine plant too! I am hoping it makes it through the winter as it is small, that way I won't have to go buy one or take a start off my Mom's. I really want to get another garden box or two in there, maybe even make one with a trellis so that I can put the vertical veggies in there come spring. I also want to do potatoes next year, not sure if I should do a box or an old tire. I hear tires are good for growing potatoes.

I am just really excited and cannot wait to finally be in my new place!

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