18 September 2008

Another Day Down

Its another day down and another day closer to this deployment ending. I know its silly of me to be saying that and he isn't quite to the sandbox yet but, its helping me to stay positive. Which is one of my goals this deployment. Its actually kinda working.

I have about 23/24 more days until my birthday. I am turning the big 2-4! I have no idea what we are going to do for my birthday as its on a Sunday this year. I'll probably celebrate it on Friday to give Hubby time to recuperate before he has to fly back to MOB on Sunday afternoon. I think he might leave for the sandbox soon after that, not sure cause I am not allowed to know. Its against OPSEC
for the Hubby to give me that kind of information.

Hubby is having a very busy day today and I may not get to talk to him until tomorrow morning. Which totally bites for me cause I would love to hear his voice about now. This is the part I hate getting used to, not being able to talk to him about issues and/or how I am feeling. I guess I will just put everything I am feeling right now into a letter for him.

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