06 September 2008


It seems like unpacking is never ending at the moment. I seem to be creating a bigger mess as I am going along then when I first got here. I have come to the conclusion that the way I have things set up is just not going to work. Having the office in the converted garage being one of those things. I am also thinking that the current set up of the living room isn't working either. My Mom agreed with me, its just not conducive to visiting or everybody being able to watch the tv. Not to mention our furniture is just too large. Guess this means I will have to go to Ikea after all, shucks. LOL

Also, I must be mentally challenged in my tired state because I put letters to Hubby into my mailbox and the mail person still has not taken them. Its been two days. Now, I did not see a slot for outgoing mail when I walked around the box today and I feel silly for even possibly needing to call or text my landlord going "where do I put my outgoing mail?" I may have Hubby call to help with my seeming undying embarrassment and feelings of stupidity. I seem to be having a lot of those feelings since moving in.

I am getting ready to order more business cards from Vista Print. The ones I made on Publisher just are not doing it for me. I am thinking about sending out some brochures or postcards to local places that pregnant mamas hang out. I am just not sure how to go about that. Do I just mail them a bunch with a nice letter saying " I am trying to bring in business, would you be so kind as to display these?" Obviously it would not be worded that way but, you catch my drift.

It does not look like any TLC meetings have started up or I would be handing out some cards there as well. I am hoping some sort of labor assistant meetings start soon, I would love to meet some like minded people, kinda. I am so shy that its going to be really hard for me to get out there. Maybe I can find someone to carpool with?

I am off to unpack some more and look up making business type postcards on Publisher or Vista Print.

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