04 September 2008


You know its never going to be a good period when your cramps interrupt your sleep at 6 am. That's how my day started and not even 600 milligrams of Ibuprofen is knocking these babies back. I try to tell myself that if I cannot handle these, than I am going to suck at childbirth. The truth is, I really don't want to handle them right now. Usually I have Hubby here to help rub them away and he is always so cute and worried about my cramps. For some odd reason, Aunt Flow is making me miss him more.

I cleaned up a bit today, so the living room doesn't look as trashy as it did. I also removed a bunch of nails from various walls so that I can patch them up for when I decide to paint. I also washed and hung up a load of laundry on the clothesline. Its hot enough in the house right now that I am sure it will all be dried by tonight and the things I have on there are not vitally important so its all good.

Hoping to get the rest of my furniture and hopefully my cold food tomorrow. I really want to get my office space set up. I am about to fill out a proposal form to host a Doula workshop up here, so it would be nice to have an area where I can actually work on Doula related things. Hopefully I will get some clients soon, I really want to get a solo birth under my belt. I guess the problem I am having is advertising, not sure the right way to go about that. Anybody with suggestions?

I better get back to loosing myself in a book. Hopefully I can finish it off soon!

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