09 September 2008


Hubby suggested to me last night that I should try and plan out my day, as a way to help with my tendency to procrastinate. I was slightly offended by the suggestion, possibly because of how he worded it. It made me feel like I don't really do anything, you know? I decided to take the suggestion, after talking with some friends about it. I vaguely planned out my day by stating that I was gonna do such and such things today. It worked pretty well, I feel like I got so much done and the day went by pretty fast.

I told Hubby he was right and after the initial shock of me admitting I was wrong was over, he said he was happy that I felt accomplished. He also said that this might help me keep myself distracted while he is gone. I hope to add more activities to my schedule as time goes on and I keep up with my goals list. I really hope this makes the deployment fly by!

I was able to get some studying in today as well. I finished off a chapter in my book and hope to finish off another one tomorrow. I think I am going to have to move to the couch to read effectively. While my room is cooler during the day, I tend to get sleepy while reading in here. It gets to the point sometimes where I have to take a break or I risk passing out with the book. Its not because the subject is boring, its because I am so relaxed.

I am hoping the weather cools down soon. Its not normal for it to be so hot this time of year. Usually by now the rain has started and it gets cool. I want Autumn to start already dangit! I need that crisp coolness and some rain to function properly as a Washingtonian. I am sure it will start soon and then, I will be wishing for some nice weather. I think Autumn and Spring are my favorite times of year. They also have my favorite holidays during those seasons as well: Samhain and Beltane. I can't wait to celebrate those this next year!

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