13 September 2008

Enjoying Myself

I have spent the last few days reading and it has been so wonderful. I finally finished a Doula related book after starting it several months ago. I sort of forgot about it during the last move, whoops. Today, I completely devoured "Liberated Parents, Liberated Children: Your Guide To A Happier Family" in a little over four hours. While I don't agree with every statement in the book, I loved it. It was really insightful and I can't wait to read their next book in the series "How To Talk So Your Kids Will Listen and How To Listen So Your Kids Will Talk." For now though, I think I am going to read "Pagan Parenting." I think I read it once several years ago, I just figured I should read it again just for fun.

All this reading has been very relaxing. Its been awhile since I just got to sit and read for ages. I still got some other things done around the house, dishes and folding of laundry among those things. I feel so calm, which is not something I have felt in awhile. Deployments are very stressful and as someone who is usually always stressed, it can be even harder.

I am trying to take time out to enjoy things and do things that make me happy. Its been too long since I was selfish, that may sound shallow to some. How am I supposed to take care of everyone else, if I don't take care of myself every once in a blue moon? I am making myself better, for my family. If I am feeling good, I can help them better.

I am having some problems with our new neighbor. He is strange, very strange. Last night at about 8 pm, he pulls into the extra parking area right near my bedroom window. He then proceeds to start taking down the side to this canvas, tent like carport, that I assume belonged to the landlord. His truck is still on with lights blaring into my room. Oh, and he is smoking, which normally would not be a problem if I did not have a fan pulling the cool air in from outside. Anyway, at about 9pm, I shut the window and turn off my light to go to sleep. He leaves for like 5 minutes and comes back and parks again, with his truck lights shining into my room. I ignore it and fall asleep. I wake up and find the carport gone...strange.

Later, he brings his project boat home and parks it right where the carport used to be. Only problem is, he parks the boat MUCH farther back into my little section on the yard. His dual motors are very close to the end garden box and now all I see when I look out my window is this really crappy, falling apart boat. The problem I am having is the large size of this thing. Its taken up a lot of space that it really should not be. Its really too large for the space he has it in.

I feel like I should talk to my landlord. I just don't want to be whiny baby. Its just, part of the yard is now gone thanks to this monstrosity. *whines* Okay, I will just whine here and get over it. Its so ugly and the upholstery is coming off on the seats and such inside it. I can see the driver's seat upholstery just flapping every time the wind blows.

If you could pray to the Goddess and Gods that I win the lotto that would be helpful. I need to win so I can go build myself a secluded hideaway in the country.

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