08 September 2008

Lovey Ramblings

Hubby and I got to talk for about an hour straight today. It was so lovely to be able to discuss things, and to really connect again. Its hard to always feel connected with him so far away and with him constantly getting interrupted while talking to me on the phone as well.

I remember when we first started dating, we once had a FOUR HOUR phone conversation. *Happy Sigh* that was a great time. We connected so much in that phone conversation and I knew then that things were going to get serious between us. It feels like that was so long ago when in reality, that was just three years ago. Hubby made a comment the other day that it feels like we have been together 10 years or more. He always says that we complete and compliment each other, I think he is right.

I could not imagine my life without him. I know that sounds so cheesy and high school but, its the truth. My life would be vastly different without Hubby in it, I would probably still be stuck in the Electronics department and not working towards my passions. If I was not in his life he would not have gone back in the Army, his DREAM. He gave up so many dreams in his last relationship, so many that it was definitely not fair or even healthy.

Hubby and I support each other in everything we undertake. Even if we think its a little crazy, as I am sure he thinks some of my ideas are loopy. We have a true partnership and it takes work. I am not going to lie to you and say we don't fight because we do. I think its one of the ways we work through things and become closer. Thankfully we don't fight very often, I guess that just proves how much we are made for each other.

Now that I have sickened you with all my lovey dovey stuff and bounced around in my thoughts a bunch, I am gonna call it a night.

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