10 September 2008


Budgeting sucks, especially after you move into a new place and are trying to come up with estimates about how much things are going to cost. I have a pretty good idea about how much things are going to cost in terms of bills, so its not too bad. Its just hard because I am not 100% sure and right now I feel like we are not getting ahead at all.

When Hubby came off of active duty orders for that month, it really screwed with our financial situation. We live just a little past paycheck to paycheck usually and have no substantial savings. This is something we are working really hard on changing. I want us to have an emergency fund should something like this happen again, its gonna have to be a big fund too to cover child support as well.

With Hubby being back on active duty orders, things should start normalizing soon. Well, as normal as they can get during a deployment. Its going to be nice to get ahead again. Maybe by the time he gets home I will have enough saved up to get a NEWER used car. I am praying to the Goddess that my car makes it through this deployment. Its 24 years old (same age as me come October) and its got over 150K miles on it. The problem we are having is finding parts, they don't make some of them for my car anymore. Its too old. I just want either a newer Honda or a Subaru, I don't want anything too flashy. I want something that will last the next 10 years or so, withstand kids and the occasional animal. That's not asking much....right?

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