11 September 2008

Good Advice

Yesterday I had a torrential meltdown. I got some news that was happy for the person giving it but, painful for me. On top of everything else that is going on in my life, I guess it was just the straw that broke the camel's back. I did a lot of crying, some screaming and kicking and punching of walls. I even took a bath to try and calm the storm, it didn't work.

After pouring my heart out to anybody that would listen and a lot of fighting with Hubby, I finally calmed down and got to a more positive place. I got some good advice from a dear friend of mine who is currently pregnant with number 11! She told me that each morning she woke up she would try and come up with 3-5 things to be happy about. Which I thought was a good idea since I am trying to stop being such a pessimist. She is always such a positive person and I swear she can always see a silver lining to anything.

Basically today, I tried to be more positive and I am going to continue to do that each day. I will have set backs, I am human after all. I just think that maybe if I start being positive that I will attract positive things, people and situations into my life. I am pretty sure that's the Law Of Attraction and I know a lot of people follow it.

I have a feeling that good things are going to start happening for us.

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