17 September 2008


I guess in all my letter writing to Hubby, I forgot about updating my blog. My apologies for being so absent minded. Nothing much exciting has been going on around the house, its just been unusually hot here. I have basically been relaxing, trying to keep hydrated as well as keep cool.

I decided against reading Pagan Parenting for the time being. It just was not calling to me at this particular point in time. Instead I am rereading The Mists of Avalon *swoon* I love this book! I am also reading The Nursing Mother's Companion so I can keep up with my studies. I will probably finish the Companion long before I finish the Mists. I am oddly learning from both books. I know the Mists is fiction but, you can still learn from it.

I have recently started working out to my favorite Pilates DVD again. My goal is to complete the DVD every day until Hubby comes home early next month. I took a before picture the other day. I am not expecting dramatic results but, it would be nice to see if there is any difference. In the next couple of paychecks, I am going to purchase the original Tae Bo tapes off of E-Bay. I always loved that workout and it will be nice to incorporate into my workout routine. I need to contact one of my friends about the fertility Yoga DVD she does, I want to look into getting that as well.

Speaking of fertility, I am currently taking a break from temping and charting. Though, I will admit to checking on my CM every once in awhile. I honestly think I am less stressed out right now. Charting to see when I ovulated became like watching a pot and waiting for it to boil. I don't know if NOT charting is going to help me ovulate any earlier but, just the change in my stress level has been amazing.

I am trying to take care of me for a change and I would say its helping to improve things a bunch.

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