02 September 2008

New Start!

Well, I am mostly moved into our new place! I still have most of my furniture at the old place and I am praying that it does not get ruined in the few extra days it has to stay there. My sister, her boyfriend and their friends are spiteful like that. Oh well, I can replace whatever they break...eventually.

So, my whole social phobia thing is kicking in and I am afraid to go drive around and explore by myself. I so need someone here with me, just for a couple of days. I am literally having an anxiety attack over it. Wow, how insane do I sound? Run while you can people cause my issues are gonna start pissing you off soon. Its just all so overwhelming right now and scary.

I just signed up for milk delivery through Smith Brother's Dairy. My parents had them deliver to us when we were growing up and they now carry organic milk! I could not find any information on signing up for Wilcox Dairy Home Delivery, which used to be delivered here. Oh well.

Ugh, I have no idea what else to write so I am gonna call it a day.

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