14 September 2008

Boy Is It Hot!

One would think with this being Washington, it would be cold by now. As it traditionally starts getting cold in late August. Apparently, mother nature and global warming did not get that memo. Here we are in Mid-September and it is currently a lovely 76* outside. The forecast for the next two days is in the mid to upper 80s. This is totally not okay with me, just to let you know. I want my crisp, cool days of Autumn already. I want the leaves to start turning and most importantly I want some rain!

I am sure next month I will get my wish for rain and then some. Having this extended amount of warm weather does have me concerned for winter though. I have a feeling that we will be in for a harsh winter. Since I don't know how to drive in the snow, this frightens me immensely. Not to mention that I do not have the type of vehicle that handles well in icy, or snowy conditions. Why can't Hubby be gone during the summer's and return in winter? Why does he always have to be gone during winter and come home during the nicer months? *sigh*

One of these days I am going to learn how to drive in icy and snowy conditions. I'll also learn hands-on what to do when you start skidding, I did not do so well the one and only time I hit ice. I hope to learn on a much better car too. Please send vibes that once this deployment is over we can purchase a newer car for our family. Two door cars with little storage room are not working for us. With having Bonus Son who will be 8 by the time Hubby gets back, all of Hubby's gear and our dog, yeah not a whole lot of room left.

I am still feeling really positive about things. Its hard to keep up this optimistic thing. I am doing it to the best of my ability and that is all anybody can ask for, right?

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