03 September 2008


Unpacking totally bites, especially when you are doing it all alone. Moving furniture takes a bit longer because you have to figure out how to angle the big pieces while not dropping it on yourself. At least the pieces I moved today were a bit lighter than other pieces I have yet to retrieve from the old house.

I got one of the most important things unpacked today: my books! I was so excited to see them out and all lined up on the shelf waiting for me to read them again or for the first time. I have a goal to read two "regular" books a month and at least one birth related book as well. Hopefully, I can remember to stick to that during all this unpacking.

I went to the store for the first time today. Luckily its a pretty straight shot there and there were no crazy drivers on the road. I had one lady chat me up in line asking her if the kids were in school and when I replied "No kids yet, that would require my husband to be in the country," she asked if it was Iraq and started crying for me. It was really so sweet, I have never had that happen before. I have had people thank me but this is my first crying person. It was nice, not psycho like I always fear.

So, I ventured out and looked around a bit at the scenery. I just need to find good food besides Frugals, like Teriyaki, Chinese, and Thai even. Not that I eat out much, it would just be a nice thing to know. Just in case I ever got the urge to eat some of those things.

I think I may venture out the the Joann's in the nearby town to sign up for next months sewing class, because I was unable to attend today's class because I am unpacking and didn't get a chance to sign up in time. I can't wait to take the class though. Its about time I learned how to use my sewing machine *hides* I am not good at learning those types of things on my own.

Off to the never ending stream of boxes.

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