10 December 2008


I have been keeping a journal of daily affirmations as part of my work on staying positive. I really needed it today too and I am glad that I did not flake on it today. I still have my doubts at times on whether or not making a conscious effort to be more positive really works. I will admit that things do seem to be going better now that I am on this path. I may have to get another small journal for this before the deployment is over. I hope to at least write a list of affirmations a few times a week by the time Hubby comes home.

On Monday I tried out the advanced level of Tae Bo and I thought I was gonna die in all honesty. It was really hard but, it was so totally worth it. I was so sore on Tuesday that it was really hard to get through the basic level of Tae bo. Thankfully my Pilates that evening helped to stretch me out. I tried the tape again today and it was still really hard but, a little bit easier. The plan right now is to alternate the advance level with the basic and still keep on doing Pilates three days a week.

I can tell that I am loosing weight at a nice pace. I am just not sure how much weight I have lost. I really need to go get a scale. Part of me is afraid that I really have not lost all that much weight. I will find out soon enough I suppose. Hopefully seeing what I weigh does not discourage me from continuing with my weight loss goals.

I need to be healthy. I don't think I have ever been really healthy, the last time I was thin was due to smoking, lack of real food and 40 hours a week at a stressful job. Being healthy will lead to me getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

My baby fever is definitely raging again.

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