25 December 2008


I spent the Christmas holiday at home, alone with my face shoved into a very good book. I am rereading Dark Lover by J.R. Ward. Its the first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and its a vampire romance novel *swoon* Here is a little bit about each individual the Brotherhood A girl just loves here wiki.

If you like books by Laurell K. Hamilton, then you are definitely gonna love this series. I got my Mom hooked on it after she got me hooked on the Anita Blake and Merry Gentry series. You REALLY need to check these out.

The only problem I have when getting enthralled by books is: forgetting the rest of life. I even forget to eat most meals because I just do not want to put a good book down. I have a feeling that when a baby finally graces our family, I will have to learn how to get reading in and take care of life's tasks all over again. I wonder if I should start practicing now lol.

I got to talk to Hubby a couple of times today. He first messaged me on yahoo around 8:30 am this morning. He could get to a computer faster than he could get to a phone. The last message I got from him was about nine this morning. I think I got a phone call around two in the afternoon. That's how long Hubby stood in line waiting for me. We did not get to talk long that time but, thankfully his battle buddy put his name back on the list once he got on the phone the first time. I got to talk to him for almost forty minutes the second time and we had a nice, normal conversation.

We of course talked about how much we missed each other and we talked about the future, which is something we have not really discussed yet on this deployment. We have quite a few options in regards to our future plans when he comes home. I am just glad my upcoming schooling is portable and so will the career path I hope to eventually find myself on.

We have a lot of time left before we have to make any final decisions on anything and if Hubby has to make his final decision quickly, I trust him to make the right one for our family.

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