11 December 2008

Winter Weather Advisory

That's right, we are heading into a nasty bout of winter weather. I am praying that it does not get as bad as it did in December of 2006, where hundreds of thousands of people lost power and several people died while trying to stay warm. My Dad told me on Tuesday that I should buy a small camping stove to cook with just in case he cannot get to me right away.

This is my first time living alone during winter, amazing huh? I was living with my parents in December 2006 while Hubby was deployed and by December of 2007, he was home again. I have no idea what all I should be doing to prepare. I have some food and am going grocery shopping tomorrow. I have an abundance of tea lights and some other larger candles as well. I have a mag light flash light, lots of long johns and lots of blankets. I know I need to get some water bottled up. I used to have gallon milk jugs for that and we tossed them during the last move, I think. I will have to check under the sink later to be sure as I cannot remember right now.

I am really afraid of driving during the winter, especially since I spun out in February 2007 and broke the axle on my car. Totally terrified of getting into an accident and I keep hearing people on my main street peeling out. On Monday a couple of cars got into an accident right next to the house, which I heard. I wish I had someone that lived closer who I could turn to in case anything happens. I wish my car would get delivered already. I am not sure how much better an AWD vehicle will do in this kind of weather but, being in a slightly bigger car can't hurt I suppose.

I have not heard from Hubby since Tuesday. I am not sure when he will call again, he said they were doing a pretty big mission. I really hope things start to get better for him over there. He is having to deal with a lot of unnecessary drama from a couple of other guys. I guess it just goes to show that in all walks of life people thrive on being assholes. I believe things are going to calm down on the mission front eventually. That will be really good and hopefully Hubby can catch up on a little bit of sleep.

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